First England Update sorry!!


hello everyone!

I know it has been a long time since I updated you guys, but I’m going to do better. I promise!! everything here is now settled. Now first thoughts on London…LOVE! I love that city like I love NYC, which for those of you who don’t know me, is a lot. I can see myself living there in the future.I had a good time at orientation and met some fun kids that I will visit soon. I am now in school which is very different from the US system because we  here only have like 8 hours of contact time as opposed to the 20-30 I’m used to. There is one test and/or at the end of the term and that’s the only grade that we have…scary thought, but I’m keeping up with the reading. I just finished Adventure Weekend with IFSA in The Lake District, in my opinion, England’s best kept secret!! it was gorgeous pretty sure I want to get married there, no big deal. I went with my friends and two of my flat mates, Andrew and Matt. We had a great time doing our day activities. Mine was sightseeing which was more physical than you think. We watched a meteor shower in the middle of no where and then I milled around town the next day! The whole weekend I had no cell phone reception so it was the perfect getaway from crazy Essex! 

Now Uni Essex is like the strangest social experiment I’ve ever been in. It’s like Jersey Shore on steroids!! I have great flat mates most of them are American but we have 3 Brits, an Australian, a Belgian, and another from The Netherlands. Communal living is really weird to me, but that’s because I’m used to living with only one other person. I hate cooking for myself but I honestly hate cooking either way but I’ve found a few easy meals. Food expires rather quickly here which makes things hard. Everything is expensive here it makes going out and doing things very difficult. A lot of the culture here surounds alcohol which I am not into, but I still have a good time with everyone else. The first night out was a culture shock!! Bottles everywhere, people everywhere, nothing could have prepared me for that but I still had fun with my floor. 

Right now I am getting ready for my trip to Warsaw with the amazing Victoria Busse! I will be sure to update you on our shenanigans when we return, but until then…here is a picture of campus and one of The Lake District.





The Lake District




My Flight Confirmation Is Here!!

Hey guys so guess what…I have a plane ticket!!! I’m so very excited!! September 25th cannot come soon enough. I just had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday so I’m just in bed doing nothing, not my cup of tea but I must heal! I just had to share my excitement with you all since I just received it today.

My Project333 challenge is going well. I have space for 10 more pieces which will be good because I’m sure I will find that many things that I love over there.

My friends from Alaska and I are finishing planning our “Eurotrip” (way more rated G and safe though) for after my semester and things are going pretty good with that.

I am doing nothing but listening to British and Irish musicians in preparation for my time abroad. I am also reading my guide books and and other books from England. Well until next time…Cheers!

– D

And the packing begins!!

Hello all!

I’m so excited for England. I know it is seven weeks out, but I’m going to be busy in the coming weeks and wont have time to post or pack! I’ve decided to try Project333. This consists of 33 pieces of my wardrobe including shoes, bags, scarves, and outerwear and wearing only those pieces in 3 months. I wanted to start minimizing stuff in my life last fall so this will be a great challenge! I keep everyone updated on this feat.

Stay Tuned,


an introduction…

Hello Everyone!! This blog is mostly about all the things I love. However just so you know I am starting it at a big time in my life, my semester in England. I am excited to update you on my upcoming travels and just random things I enjoy. So if you will follow me on this journey I promise things will not get boring but may get a little crazy so brace yourself.